MsLBioPhotoI’m Suzi LeBaron and I teach Anatomy & Physiology and AP Biology at Oakland High School in Oakland, California.

I was born and raised in Northern California. I grew up in Santa Rosa and attended Santa Rosa Junior College, Mills College in Oakland, and Dominican University in San Rafael, where I earned my teaching credential. I spent many years living on the coast in Bodega Bay, but now I make my home in Oakland.

Science has always been a special interest of mine and I love to share fun and geeky information with my friends. Before I studied science and started training to be a teacher, I studied writing in college. I have worked in a lot of positions that used my communications skills. Now I enjoy using those skills to share the things I find interesting.

I don’t think there’s enough science information on the internet written especially for older kids and teenagers. So I created this blog with students in mind, and for anyone else who’s interested – parents, and teachers, too.

You’ll find all kinds of things on the blog. After all, almost everything that happens around us is somehow related to science!

You can reach me at MyScienceMind@att.net

3 responses to “About

  1. AWESOME site, Suzi!!! nice to see your dear face, too, and LOVE the shoes! I’m a scientist myself (of course) with two boys, and my wife is an elementary science specialist. We lived in the bay area many years. feel free to contact me anytime, professionally or just to catch up….really….uh, hopefully you remember me from DP elem (if not, I’ll be HAPPY to jog your memory ;D). It’s nice to see you pursued your passion (mine, too), and I always knew you could change the world!

    Love, to you and whomever you call family,


  2. Hey, Suzi! What a great blog, and what changes for you! I took the grad school plunge almost 4 years ago and am a librarian at Moses Brown School in Providence, RI, and I also work with the middle school bunch! What a great age for science. Let me know if you’re ever searching for something and need help. Networking is what it’s about!

  3. Hi Suzi! I”m so glad you are doing this, and I still miss you every time I take Yoga (which I am still doing weekly, most of the time). PLUS, I can use this as a resource, since I am teaching “Teaching everyday science” this year. I hope you are well, take care! Anyhow… just a little Hello from Portland.

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