This may be the tallest cliff in the solar system

Photo: Voyager 2, NASA (1986)

Verona Rupes on Uranus‘ moon, Miranda, is estimated to be more than 12 miles deep – ten times the depth of the Earth’s Grand Canyon (which is slightly more than a mile deep).

Because of Miranda’s weak gravity, if a person jumped from this cliff, it would take 12 minutes before they hit the bottom. Sounds like a slow, gentle trip, right? Wrong. By the time they reached the bottom, they would be traveling at the speed of a race car – about 125 miles per hour!

This photo of Verona Rupes was captured by the passing Voyager 2 robotic spacecraft in 1986. How the giant cliff was created remains unknown, but is possibly related to a large impact by a meteor or other celestial body, or tectonic plate motion on Miranda’s surface.

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